Monday, December 5, 2011

Response to clearing of Occupy Wall St/Zucotti Park

The sanctimonious busybodies dominating the public spaces of the nations cities are as far from the free spirited intellectuals of the early '60s left as an empty Jersey Shore style reality show is from the works of Shakespeare. At best, the "movement" is a childish irrational temper tantrum. That's being kind. More harshly it is a cultish religion-like self-involved sour grapes group of disturbed malcontents veering toward creepy, Jim Jones style group psychosis. (Witness the bizarre "mic check" ritual call-and-response ritual.)
Comments on the New York Times site range from the ridiculously hyperbolic: "The word has been sent by the one percent, turn loose the dogs of the police state";"imperial state storm troopers"; to the downright demented: "The white gloved .01% [what happened to the rest of the 1%?] that has stolen our nation has ordered their jack booted servants to squelch the voice of equality" to the out-and-out threatening:"there will be bloodier days ahead". Get a grip, people. America is, and always will be, the greatest nation on earth. Working yourselves up into a self righteous frenzy does not reflect well on any good points which can be made for leftist anti-capitalist ideology.

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