Monday, December 5, 2011

Occupy Boston: First Impressions

Saturday was a nice day in Boston and down at the occupy site in Dewey Sq there were several family-protesters lined along the Atlantic Ave side, where they interface the public. I guess the parents thought it would be a good lesson for their children to hold signs promoting their anti-capitalist views. To me, it was sad. This is akin to religion except no deity is involved, only parents foisting fears, hatreds and resentments on their offspring. Theirs is a pessimistic, victim mentality: the fix is in, the game is rigged, no hope - only despair, sloganeering and name-calling (banksters, repugs, teabaggers). It's a deeply cynical game these folks play and they come across as shiftless losers, nursing resentments and grudges, as if each were a personal victim scammed by evil people and totally wiped out financially. Moreover they are all irritatingly cocksure in their beliefs speaking with a kind of condescending smugness, not unlike a religiously brainwashed cult member.

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