Monday, December 5, 2011

Comment on Boston Globe article 'Protester: Occupy Boston arrests hurt movement' at 11/9/2011

The reason people are put off by the protest without an end is not just to do with the crimes, the filth, the drugs, and the unsavory individuals which increasingly constitute the occupy movement - it's the spirit of the movement itself. The outlook of those in Zucotti Park, Dewey Sq., and other occupy sites around the country is the opposite of the American way, what made us great.
That is, the founders set down in the Declaration of Independence the nature and foundation of human rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as well as the codification of individual liberty and limited government in the Constitution. There was nothing there about handouts or equality of incomes and wealth, nothing about greed or 99% or 1%.
This protest is sour and nasty, while Americans are a naturally ebullient and optimistic people. We don't like embittered persons telling us we suck because we are successful. The "can-do" mettle has become the no-can-do or we-can't-do or do-it-for-me.
Sure there are setbacks and struggles but these are personal challenges to be overcome with pith, pluck and perseverance, not pissiness, protest, and pusillanimity.

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