Thursday, June 21, 2012

Herald comment: City of Cambridge Soda Ban

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The busybodies that are concerned about "obesity" and want to regulate soft drink sizes are the same neurotic fussbudgets who fret over "harmful substances" and "third-hand smoke". These are the party-poopers who make sure adults can't enjoy a cigarette in A COCKTAIL LOUNGE. And, oh yeah, these are the same buttinskys who worry more about what the other guy makes and pays in taxes than improving their own financial condition.

Welcome to liberal America 2012!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Red on the Inside

Red on the Inside

The end of the century was near
When not so accidentally
An Okie gal called Granny Warren
Embellished her history

Her skin is fair, her eyes are blue
She's white as white can be
But when a university needed diversity
She bumped other profs-to-be

Says she:
"Don't be fooled by my complexion
When you make your Senatorial selection
I'm counting on you in this election
Pay no attention to that Globe correction"

"Don't vote for Scott, please vote for me
'cos I'm one-thirty-second Cher-o-kee
That makes me as red as red can be
If not by heritage, then by philosophy"

But confronted with her silly lies, she hemmed and hawed and stammered:
"Scott Brown wears Armani suits, the middle class is getting hammered"
These tag lines are getting old and stale and really should be retired
And if Harvard U had common sense, Granny would be fired!

It's embarrassing to hear her say
"I don't know" "I can't recall"
Apparently her favorite pol of all
Is the guy called Jackson (Stonewall)

Her handlers hollered "Lizzie, girl
Here's what you should have said:
'Well bless my pop-eyed paleface soul
I'm better RED than dead'"

Her defenders claim these little untruths
Don't rise to the level of crimes
Hey who among us has never lied
Or cribbed from the New York Times?

But Howie Carr is on the case
He'll dust her up and bust her
He'll dig up the truth of her callow youth
And her great grand-pappy named Custer

So when you're in the voting booth
Don't mark the ballot for this clown
Your liberal friends will never know
You pulled the lever for Scotty Brown!