Friday, August 24, 2012

Elizabeth Warren: GOP, Scott Brown "against women"

Like a drowning, panicked, rabid dog, Warren is desperately snarling and flailing about, spewing a propagandistic lie so breathtakingly arrogant that only those totally brainwashed loons such as those that read and comment on the Huffington Post and thinkProgress will pretend to buy it. And that only includes out-of-state residents unfamiliar with the gentlemanly Brown and his lovely wife and daughters. 

Warren reminds me of a fat little spoiled brat who just got sent to her room and is beginning the wailing and stomping ritual that she thinks will reverse the decision. 

I've never seen a more mendacious and dishonest candidate for office in any race, local or national. Like the George C. Scott character in "The Hustler" her stock in trade is feeding on other peoples' weaknesses and lack of knowledge, and hopes to profit by it. I don't know which is more frightening - the possibility that she may schizophrenically believe in her own flapdoodle and self-styled paladin persona, or actually has the chutzpah to flat out demagogue in such an obviously specious and slimy way.

Let me get this straight Ms Warren - because one nobody from nowhere congressman 1200 miles away made some careless and stupid statements, ALL Republicans including the moderate Brown are adjudged to be guilty of the same blasphemous remarks by association. Wishing a hallucination real doesn't make it so honey, sorry.

Even sensible Democrats are realizing this. Scott Brown will win in a landslide.

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