Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Akin thrown to the wolves for unPC blather

Evidently, respect for the core Western value of freedom of speech does not apply to the parasitic, pseudo-intellectual scum that describe themselves as "progressives". The anti-freedom mob of PC fascists can concoct dubious racist conspiracies regarding "code words" and "dog whistles" to besmirch conservatives, but when a Republican white male lets loose with some old wive's tale he may be as freely attacked as if he was serial murderer. Actually, a real killer garners more deference than a loose-lipped man of power as even the craven pols on Congressman Akin's side of the aisle join in the lynch mob. 

Remember when the Harvard Univ. president, Larry Summers had the audacity to broach the issue of differences between the sexes (regarding under representation of females in tenured positions in science and engineering)? What a concept - men and women distinct by nature - I never heard of such a thing; but you would think by the reaction he had had an illicit and tawdry liaison with a young intern. Never mind, bad example. Summers was subsequently run out of Harvard U. on a rail, "censured" by a gang of dishonest, reverse prejudiced, dried up crusty maggots who hide behind their own tenured degree status as supposedly society's brightest and most enlightened.

What an sloppy collection of narrow minded double standards these folks harbor. Nancy Pelosi can talk about seeing ghosts and apparitions as if she were ready to get fitted for a rubber room strait-jacket, and no one says a word. Harry Reid, the top dog in the Senate belches up completely unsubstantiated rubbish and what do we hear from the Left? Nada. Joe Biden? Pick anything he says. And, as a final instance, Presidents Obama's team as much as accuses his rival of murder. Crickets. It's a one-sided game all the way.

This is how fascism operates - the aggressive people going counter to the first amendment intimidate, castigate and threaten those who dare to speak their minds. Liberals are superficially high-minded, but really just opportunistically stick with the side that seems stronger and can help them financially. Are you listening Elizabeth Warren? 

Their market value is nil and the malevolent bile they spew is a stinky pile of institutionalized garbage.


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