Thursday, May 17, 2012

Herald Comment on "Granny" Warren's Pow Wow Chow Brouhaha

Pull the wagons up into a circle!

[Elizabeth] Warren's stump speech containing the line: "America's middle class is getting hammered.." now will be "America's middle class is getting scalped..."
Seriously, Warren and her ilk blame the financial woes of recent years on "Wall St. banks", diverting our attention from the real cause and problem: government mandates which forced lenders to discriminate - not looking solely at a borrowers assets, credit history or ability to repay a loan, but at their skin color or minority status. Had westuck to the Canadian model - 20% down, sufficient income to repay and a good credit history - none of this would have occurred. Who are the racists here?

"Scalp her, Tantric!"
"Hee-mo, keemosabee
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