Friday, February 17, 2012

Comment On Underwear Bomber's Sentencing Appearance

It drives me to distraction that no matter that the genesis of their crime is religion based, specifically the Islamic religion, we allow these murderous dirtballs to dress up for court in their finest religious habiliments, such as the little Taqiyah skullcap Captain Underpants sports, as if he is an Imam set to perform a holy ritual, not a religiously obsessed psychotic about to receive a life sentence for attempting to blow up an airliner. Sheesh. It happened with the Times Square bomber, Faisal Shahzad, and if one googles Khalid Sheik Mohammad (KSM, the mastermind of 9/11), one is assaulted with images of a man (taken DURING his Gitmo stay by what seems like a professional photographer) who looks for all the world like Moses, replete with long beard and flowing white robe, ready to hand down the seraphic texts. Here's an idea: how about an orange jumpsuit and shaved head, or some striped ticking, concentration camp style?
By catering to these fellows' theistic psychopathies, do we not put society's imprimatur on their sick fetish for "Islam"?
God may be great but this clown has has about as much to do with anyone's God as a cockroach one might find in a dish of bad Chinese food. Please let us not permit him to don the attire of a pious man.

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  1. Here's another bit about the same crap:
    I have a question. Why, when we are punishing people for crimes motivated by religious fanaticism, do we allow them to dress up in their fanciest religious garb? Don't we bestow a measure of legitimacy, even dignity, to the terrorists, by allowing them to assume such ecclesiastical vestments? Take a look at the Guantanamo shots of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, for example, the 9/11 mastermind, the ones where he is in the flowing white robes, (not the tee shirt one where he looks like they grabbed him off his couch in the middle of Monday Night Football.) With his bristling beard and colorful "keffiyeh" headdress, he looks like a wise religious elder, as if he is ready to part the Red Sea and receive the holy tablets. When Aafia Siddiqui, ("Lady al-Qaeda") was recently sentenced to 86 years, she threatened the Western World from behind a full bur-qua, with only her eyes peering out of the rectangular vent. I can't even wear a Sox cap in traffic court. Now comes the Times Square bomber in his little taqiyah, or prayer cap, its color chosen, I'm sure to capture the right Koranic nuance for the situation, smirking and promising mayhem to come, sort of like a divinity student giving his final acroasis. No wonder he was "happy with the deal".

    Does anyone agree that part of their punishment should be to forfeit any religious rights? Why feed into their sick obsessions? We namby-pamby these folks with Korans, halal meals and apparel fit for royalty and then wonder why they remain committed Islamists.