Thursday, November 1, 2012

We Rob Banks (part 1)

Standby, Massachusetts, for Senator Elizabeth Warren. Warren's deployment of the technology of negative writing has manipulated  the electorate into supporting a hard-core leftist criminal gangster whose ambition is the shakedown of the US financial and banking sector possibly resulting in effective nationalization. The axiomatic suppositions emitted by the Warren campaign suffuse the public consciousness as if a billion nanobot drones were programmed by some magic host to spiral into the ear and infect the rational brain. The victim may feel as if his or her ideas were spontaneous, but they are really the product of this modern media fee-faw-fum - Ephesian letters for the internet age.

It's too bad that Senator Scott Brown himself, or his campaign handlers, fell victim to these brain-worms, ceding all philosophic ground to the Warren gang, only differing in the methods used to secure "the middle-class" and "women" from  imaginary dangers.  Brown's nebbishy me-tooism only served to advance the false premises extruded by the leftist haters of free markets and individual responsibility.

Warren rose to prominence on the back of the financial crisis of 2008 through her rigged "studies" of bankruptcies uploaded with the veneer of Harvard University scholarship to land as a work-through-the system  plant for the Occupy Wall Street "movement".  She worked her plan for an agency the would attach  like a vampirish parasite to the US financial system - her baby: the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau), slipped into the the (finance reregulatory) Dodd-Frank bill like a Trojan Horse - a new bureaucracy, with almost unlimited power and zero congressional oversight, set to bleed the banking system for the beneficiaries chosen by Warren and her kleptocracy of  redistributionist racketeers.

So here she comes: cue the hip hop - it's "Occupy" Liz-Z, political gangstah. Seen on TV news clips leaving campaign events with the requisite "entourage" of toadys and bootlick suck-ups, the Professor is taking bank robbery to a new level. Willie Sutton, in an apocryphal, but probably false, quote said he robbed banks "because that's where the money is". Sutton, John Dillinger, Jesse James - these were American independents, but they were anachronistic players: bringing off two-bit one-at-a-time hauls. The Italian mob, and later our own Whitey Bulger brought modern business methods to financial malefaction by imposing a hierarchical structure to regional outlaw enterprise. "Occupy" Liz-Z thinks bigger - way bigger. Next to her, the Brinks gang were pikers - small time hustling jokers - like the Charlestown junkie bank-jobbers who were so predictable that the Staties merely had to wait to pop them on their post-caper arrival at the bottom of the old spiral City Square ramp off the Tobin bridge.

Last month, the largest heist in history - $25 billion - was pulled off by a gang of state attorneys general, Democrat legislators, the CFPB and other government bureaucrats.  It was called a "settlement" in the polite, face-saving way that a mafia hood allows drug dealers to pay "rent", or his plug ugly stooges to sell "protection" to mom and pop shops. It is a refined advancement of the political tradition that allows solicitation of "contributions" from a union boss who in turn leans on rank-and-file for "dues", and "negotiates" with contractors.

Our pallid paladin deemed the $25 billion a good start: "the beginning, not the end".

Yeah, it's an old fashioned shakedown. You ain't seen nothin' yet.

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